You may have noticed…

that I’ve been a little quiet lately. So, Where have I been? On a journey… a new one… and for me, it’s a scary one.

I don’t think I’ve ever completely let go and allowed God quiet space long enough to reveal why i do the things I do. Why i think the way I think. I’ve never completely surrrendered the solution of my condition fully to Him. In fact, this last one is still really hard for me.

For two years now, God had been whispering about this… come… be… rest… align. That is all He’s calling me to do, not all the many other things we put on ourselves. You may have recognized this on some of my past posts. Well, let’s just say I’m a little stubborn. It took  a relaspe (returning to an old place) for me to fully listen.

As the Battles classes came to a close this past spring at @seacoastchurch and online, I was presented with a gift… Time… to try something new — to Not Do … and give myself permission too.

Rest. I desperately needed it! In my perfectionistic need to be on the works wagon and live up to the authoring, publishing and leading of a minstry on top of being a wife and mom; I wore myself down. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. Utter depletion about sums it up.

I was struggling and I was tired of hearing, you should read your own book … I was tired of being tired. Tired of searching for God’s presence, only to feel empty even when I knew He was there all along.

What happened? How did I get here? Better yet, how did I return to this place?

  1. I received prayer at church and what followed was hope, healing was on its way.
  2. I described what I was I feeling to a friend and what followed was truth in five words — “That’s what sabbaticals are for.” In that moment I “gave myself permission” to stop, rest and heal – take a sabbatical – and I instantly began to feel relief from my self-induced prison to perform.
  3. I scrolled through Instagram and a quote by @DarrinPatrick jumped out at me “The Word of God is meant to be a treasure of the heart instead of a tool for ministry.” What followed was revelation. That’s exactly what had happened to me!

Somewhere along the journey, I started seeing God as my boss instead of my Heavenly Father.

I would begin my day spending some time with Him, but would quickly feel inspired and jump right into ministry. Time became scarce and out of it’s lack (let’s not kid ourselves, this is really just pride), I eventually begin skipping our Daddy/daughter dates so I could “get things done.”

Do, do do… i have to keep doing… living this way is truly exhausting.

Would you believe that creating time to soak in the Word and rest in His presence just became one more overwhelming “to do” instead of respite… receiving true rest? How did my thinking become so backwards… again?!?!

“The thief comes to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10

God is always whispering, rest…rest in Him. Learning and receiving this is living life to the full.

Rest. Why is this simple task so hard to find, and then maintain?

  • It is always permissible, so give your give yourself permission too.
  • It is highly recommended, so make it a priority.
  • It is a simple act, so stop listening to the world’s ways instead of the Fathers.

Well, here we are 30+ days into my journey

Yes, it’s still a little scary, because I want to be “fixed” right now and I’m not there yet…but, let’s be honest, I will not fully be (nor will you) until Jesus returns…so let’s just throw off our “fixed” masks and be real right where we are.

I’ve got a lot to learn. I need to be patient and focus on my healing for now. Because in order to share what I learn and go through, I must first go through and learn.

Are you in performance mode? Feeling depleted? Is God whispering rest? Are you listening? Will you give yourself permission too? Don’t wait any longer. Join me as God does a new thing!

  • Let’s recognize the need for rest – true rest.
  • Let’s humble ourselves and learn what it really looks like.
  • Let’s help each other by sharing our experiences and what we are learning. 

I’d love to hear from you!



A Christmas wish

I used to love Christmas and the days leading up to it. All the lights, the activities, the parties, the sweets….but when December 26th rolled around, I found myself sad, empty and depressed. Why? 

Now, as i get the older, i find myself enjoying the days leading up to Christmas less and less.  And in some ways, when December 26th rolls around, I find myself relieved and ready to get back on track and seeking the Lord. Why?
What is Christmas about? my devotional this morning said that

Christmas is a celebration of God’s perfect gift. 

The reason that I like Christmas less and less of the older is because that is not what Christmas becomes about in this world and often in my life.
As I think on the statement from my devotional and get ready to head to my hometown for Christmas, my prayer is that this statement and John 3:16. becomes the meditations of my heart. for when this happens, there will no saddens, guilt, or emptiness come December 26th!
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life.
Merry Christmas! May your days be merry and bright with the meditations of John 3:16!

Good thing or God thing?

question.jpgWe often try and talk ourselves out of things that are good for us. Sometimes, those good things are busy distractions. Sometimes they are exactly where God wants you, but someone else doesn’t. Do you ever feel that resistance?

How do you know if that “good thing” is a God thing?

You make a commitment to a good thing. And then weeks in, usually a thought like, I’m tired, i don’t feel like going to (Fill in the blank today begins. Doubt soon follows and the next thing you mentally hear is, Maybe i’m not supposed to be involved in this “good thing.” 

How do you know? How can you tell?

Be careful not to make a rash decision based on feelings. Instead, go anyway to that good thing you’ve committed to that day. Ask God for guidance and look for His answer. He will show you.

This happened to me this week… as well as last year with the very same “good thing”: A weekly bible study I attend. Fatigue sets in, thoughts of other commitments start to overwhelm me and in comes the doubt. I don’t think I’m supposed to attend this study this year. Both times, I prayed for discernment and forced myself to attend anyway. Both times, He made answer clear. Both times, His answer was to stay and blessings came from that obedience.

Leading a bible study myself, I’ve witnessed both circumstances:

  • Those recognizing their plate is too full and that the timing for them isn’t right.
  • Those who fall into deception and miss out on blessings of abundance.

Lesson Learned: Be prayerful in discerning your good things. If you have a full plate, maybe it is time to cut back. However, don’t cut the wrong thing. A wise mentor told me once to list out everything I’m doing and ask myself why I’m doing each of them. Identify your true motive for the things you do and God will show you what is a good thing and what is a God thing.

Is the BBS biblical?

The whole premise of The Believer’s Battle Strategy is to learn how to receive God at His Word. This is what brings healing and sets us free. Scripture is referenced all throughout the BBS because the Word of God is our weapon to fight with for the life Christ died to give. Therefore, everything we learn must be filtered through God’s Word.

The BBS is meant to compliment, not replace, your study of scripture.

Be careful: In Genesis, God gave Adam an instruction; you may freely eat of every tree in the garden – except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:16-17). Notice in the story that Eve was the one Satan sought after to deceive.

Could it be that doubt or deception came easier to Eve because she didn’t receive the instruction directly from God? Was this why she became the easier target?

Through the Bible, God has given us an entire book of direct instruction (2 Timothy 3:16). There are many anointed authors, pastors and speakers out there, but their messages aren’t meant to take the place of God’s direct messages to us. We must know God’s Word for ourselves and not from other’s hearsay.

Lesson Learned: Always take what you learn and test it against the Word of God.

Can I be real?

IMG_0173As the Hurricane Florence detour continues creeping towards the Carolinas, I’ve recognized this as a good time to detour from book marketing and just be real. That is in fact part of the strategy that I’m trying to market.

Becoming an author. You’d think this would be a time of celebration for me, but instead:

  • Self-induced pressure to be this “author” persona is quickly becoming more than I can bear. In telling my husband, he grounds me with the question – Just who do you think you’re supposed to portray or become now?
  • Perfectionism and a performance driven mentality are beginning to once again take away from the message I was called to spread. Further grounding comes when friends remind me I should read and apply this great book that just came out. The same words the Lord has spoken through me, God is wanting me to listen to.
  • I’m finding that I need more and more time away from my kids. They have this way of exhausting me and I’m finding myself wanting to stick my head in the sand because I can’t be and do all that they need. So, I focus more time and energy on ministry… because it’s easier. It gives me purpose while I continually hide from how hard family is and all the ways I let Team Michaud down.

There. I feel so much better! I’ve called the enemy out by exposing my fears.

Here’s a confession to you. It’s hard to say, but I need to hear it. Maybe you do too.

If I haven’t already let you down at some point, I will eventually.

The hard truth is we all will, because we are all human. But a simple shift in perspective will bring extraordinary peace and freedom in this statement because that is why Christ died. Oh, how we so easily forget.

God the Father loves us so much that he sent God the Son to fully cover our not good enough.

2 Corinthians 5:21 For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

The struggle is real… but the Truth sets us free!



Fight like you Train

onyourmark.jpgThere are amazing books and sermons on how to grow spiritually. I’ve read and heard many. What I’ve learned though answers the mystery of why change often doesn’t come.

If I don’t apply what I’ve heard, I will not learn it. If I don’t keep applying what I’ve learned, I will not maintain it.

We are creatures of habit with good intentions but unfortunately become distracted by what we see and forget what we cannot.

Action is needed for success. Practicing strategy brings life change. The Battle Orders section at the end of each chapter will help you do this.

The Believer’s Battle Strategy is a manual to keep on hand when you need to be reminded to fight like you’ve trained.

BBS Cover 8.11.18

2 Timothy 4:7 

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

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