A Story of Love

In the Old Testament, all were separated from God because of their sin. For atonement, a sacrifice had to be made through a priest with all kinds of rules. When Jesus came to Earth, He became both our High Priest and Ultimate Sacrifice. What a beautiful Love story that only God could design. And the climax of the story happened this weekend. Wow, do we really get that? I know I get caught up in all the other stuff that I often forget. I CHOOSE, this Easter, to keep the focus on Him and what He did.

Application: This weekend while you’re dyeing eggs, hiding them, having family dinners, wearing your new outfits to a Sunday service, I urge you to do some soul searching. Do you really believe in the Easter story? How has it changed you? Have you stopped to think about what he actually did for YOU? If you haven’t, what better time for you to do business with the Lord!

I went to re-post this old post (see above) and noticed a song link was no longer working. As I went to search for it, I found this. Please watch and allow yourself time to reflect – truly powerful

Happy Easter!!! He has Risen. He has risen INDEED!!

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