God has other plans

So… yesterday, as I was to post my weekly blog… I was weak, beaten down… I had nothing. I figured I’d just skip this week and wait till I was in a better place next week… God had other plans…

This morning, the “You Version” bible verse of the day was

1 Corinthians 1:27 But God has chosen what the world calls foolish to shame the wise. He has chosen what the world calls weak to shame what is strong.

I didn’t just choose to read it and move on with my day. I chose to meditate on it and see what it was saying to me. Yes, I am weak (in myself). Yes, I am foolish (in my own doing). But He CHOSE me. I am not to dwell on my weaknesses and inadequacies. I am to surrender them so God may do His good work and RECEIVE all the Glory.

God has given me a calling of transparency… revealing my foolishness and weakness… So I can not boast. But, So He can cover it and be glorified.

Thank you Lord for this calling. I will obey. I will not choose to hide in the moment when things are tough and wait to share when things are better. I will instead share my life … where I am and the promise of where I am going.

Yesterday was full of feelings of defeat and failure of being a mom – Yes, Satan is hammering as hard as HE can in this area right now. I will not fold and give into it. I will NOT believe it. I will not make it my truth. For MY truth comes from THE TRUTH.

I will surrender my weaknesses and inadequacies and claim my Identity in Christ

1. I have the mind of Christ and hold the thoughts of His heart. (1 Cor 2:16)
2. I have NO lack for my God supplies ALL of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)
3. I have received the power of the Holy spirit. I have power over the enemy in Jesus Name (Luke 10:17,19; Mark 16:17,18)

What will you claim as your truth when things seem bleak? Will you allow your foolishness and weaknessese to defeat you OR will you allow God to use them for His glory?

One thought on “God has other plans”

  1. Good post Christie – I heard something similar today in how we like to offer up our strengths to the Lord for Him to use which isn't bad but he wants us to offer up our weaknesses for the very reason you wrote about. I sure feel like I have LOTS of weaknesses right now – sounds like the Lord is speaking to me too 🙂


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