A Christmas Pause

Did anyone else miss the month of December? I don’t know what it was about this year – but I somehow missed December 1-20th! It was like someone hit fast forward!

Some of that may not be so bad though …. because for the first time…. I didnt even get the chance to get caught up in how the world celebrates.

A  big regret, though, is I didn’t even get Christmas Cards out this year…. 

so here’s my feable attempt to redeem myself!!!
Wishing you a
from the Michaud’s
George, Christie, Mason 7, Connor 5, and Allie (11 months)

May you hit your Pause button this year!

I’m so thankful, that ever since the 20th hit, I have somehow found my “pause button.” Seacoast Church has been doing a series of sermons called PAUSE. I think it is the perfect theme for this season. What does this mean? How do we “pause”?

Intentional: Deliberate… On purpose!
This is my new word starting now


  • to be THANKFUL
  • to LISTEN

As you pause this Christmas, think on these things
What does it look like? What does it mean?
I will pause for now and be back to share what it looks like and means for me.
 Merry Christmas!

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